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November 2012

November was one crazy ride due to me starting my trial run as MWEB GameZone site manager. It was a mad juggle of not just keeping my own content count, but making sure everyone else does as well. On top of that the added stress of learning to manage a site, the increase in social media I had to manage and the pressure of pushing up the site hit rate. Man it was wild and I loved it. Challenge accepted!

The one thing I am sad about is not having the luxury of extra time to do research and writing opinion pieces. Hopefully as I master the art of managing I will hit the sweet spot and more time will open up. Until then it will mostly be news reporting from my virtual pen, let's take a look at my November highlights.

A tribute to 8 years of adventure with World of Warcraft

Love or hate Azeroth, one thing is certain, we will never forget her. No matter how we try to ridicule her outdated mechanics, or scoff at her old worn-out world, we cannot erase her memories from our minds, because she left her digital imprint on our collective heart. I honor Word of Warcraft by sharing some of my fondest, most exciting and saddest memories from Azeroth. Read the full article here.

My fascination with offbeat games 

I have outgrown mindless shoot-em ups. Cradling a big gun in my hands no longer gives me the thrill it used to. I now long for a game that entices me with more finesse than the allure of a big arsenal, triple D breasted chicks and balls-to-the wall action. I yearn for games that are not only able to entertain me, but also challenge me emotionally and intellectually. I want games to take me on a journey and sweep me away because they strike a chord deep within my soul. Read the full article here.

Interview: Far Cry 3's Cinematics Director spills all about its dark new direction

I had the opportunity at this year’s rAge to interview Robert Purdy, the Cinematics Director for UbiSoft’s FarCry 3. Join me for a conversation about the changes from Far Cry 2 to Far Cry 3, the introduction of more mature content into the franchise and insight into the cinematics of Far Cry 3.Read the full article here.

The illusion of choice in video games vs Hitman Absolution 

Giving players the freedom to make meaningful choices is like pursuing the holy grail of gaming. Many seek it, some claim to have found it, but very few achieve it. Most games only offer an illusion of choice, or superficial choices that hardly affect the outcome of the story. The choice is a lie.
IO Interactive is aiming at delivering a head shot to that illusion with Hitman Absolution and prove that Agent 47 can make meaningful choices that impact the game environment.Read the full article here.

Review: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, it’s (not) simplicity itself!

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a lesson in lateral thinking cocooned within a beautifully crafted turn of the century London landscape. It’s wrapped around a deeply layered storyline with more than a few surprises. The game demands a certain level of sleuth savvy from you and will keep its mysteries tightly locked away for those who fail to master the challenges set forth.Read the full article here.

Interview: Hoodwink, an adventure in a world gone mad

Hoodwink is a quirky adventure game series from E1 Studio. The game’s colourful graphics, snazzy jazz beat and handsome protagonist simply demanded my attention. Amir Irwan, the Managing Director of E1 Studio allowed me to poke around the wonderful world of Hoodwink. Join us for an arousing conversation about adventure games, community input and of all things, Blade Runner. Read the full article here.

First impressions: Doom BFG, up close and personal with Hell

I am no stranger to the hellish experience known as the DOOM universe. I used to play it back in the day when you didn’t have the use of a flashlight and a gun. When every dark corner was shot at before you even dared approach it. Back then, Fear was a being, a life-like presence and companion always skulking and flittering nearby as you navigated your way through the dark, flashing and bloodied hallways. Read the full article here.

Dear Esteban’s satirical reflection on Dear Esther

The oddballs at F**k this Jam have created a platform for video game developers to make a game in a genre they hate. The reason for this madness, “Through utter ignorance for conventions and hate for the established rules of a genre, beautiful things will happen.” I’d like to direct your attention to one such creation of ‘beauty’ called Dear Esteban.Playing it felt like walking inside a Picasso painting while being on a bad acid trip. Read the full article here.

Other noteworthy news

I have to add, the best video game trailer for the decade, check it out,

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