Sunday, 1 July 2012

June 2012

I took a break in June in order to focus on my studies, which is going exceptionally well atm. Much to my surprise and delight, MWEB GameZone approached me to start writing for them. MWEB is an exciting company to work for and the gMz team are a fantastic bunch of guys. I will also still be working for Bravado Gaming.

I only published two articles in June, both were extremely unique and significant in its own way ;)

About Gamers, Sex and Questing ;)

 I decided to take a break from doing interviews and rather do an opinion piece. I was wrecking my brain to get something original to write about. When I finally hit a good topic, filled with excitement, I headed over to my boss. He gave my idea barely a second thought, and instead blurted this out, and I’m giving you the exact quote…

“[04:35:37 PM] Andreas Hadjipaschali: is sex better when u both complete a quest, cos ur both happy?” 

When my initial shock subsided I replied

[04:37:27 PM] Han Cilliers: ok so the impact of gaming on relationships?

Much to my relief, he quickly replied that yes, he would like an article about the impact of gaming on relationships. So, let’s jump right into the hearts, minds and beds of gamers and their loved ones ;)  Read the rest of this article here.

A time of reflection on e-Sports South Africa

Since I’ve started writing for Bravado Gaming, I have tried to understand the journey our small, competitive community has embarked upon.  With my “Bird’s eye view on e-Sports SA” I’ve covered the accumulated results of countless people’s efforts by showing our readers where e-Sports in SA currently stands and what we have on offer for our competitive community.

That series showcases what we have built so far; it is the ‘house’ so to speak. But what of the foundation, who were the individuals that pioneered and paved the way for competitive gaming in SA? My interview with Lauren das Neves covered one such individual. This article introduces you to two more people who have played a significant role in shaping competitive gaming in SA. Meet Johann von Backstrõm from Telkom do Gaming and Colin Webster from MSSA. Read the rest of this article here.

That concludes a very chilled June.  From 01 July I will kick it off with gMz.