Sunday, 26 February 2012

How it all started part 2

October 2011
'Boom Boom Baby!'

Demoman interview with Kaoslord, Goldfox, Alien and Xolox. I had lotsa fun with this, will always remember Xolox and his pole dancing. Demoman is in my opinion the most difficult and versatile class in TF2.

/Query Comedian and Salamancer

My first interview with international TF2 celebrities, Lazar 'Comedian' Jovic and Eric 'Salamancer' Smalley. Both of them are Shoutcasters for TF2. It was an honour to meet people with such passion and dedication for gaming. 16bittf ended of African Fortress' 2011 competitive season by having these 2 shoutcast the final match of the year. That match also saw the unbeatable Master team being dethroned by vinTage, and for the 2nd time, I played in a team that made it to no 1. It was an unforgettable moment. 

November 2011
“Un-freakin’-touchable! Dat’s what I’m talkin about!”

Scout interview with WarHammY, RazerFox, Deacon and Xt3rminator. This concluded my TF2 class interviews. All 4 of these okes are amazing individuals. WarHammY is one of the best, if not the best player I've ever met. He just tanks any game he plays. RazerFox is the cornerstone TF2CSA and such an entertaining man. Deacs and X are my teamies from vinTage. X was also the longest standing TF2 SA clan captain, we both started playing TF2 when it launched.

After the TF2 class series, I needed a new challenge, something not TF2 related, this is what I came up with.

The Many-Faceted Mind of Leigh Alexander

Researching Leigh had a profound effect on my 'gaming tastebuds'. It expanded and challenged my views about social media and games. Here is an extract from the interview that sums up my view about this extraordinary woman. 
'For enriching countless gamers lives, I thank you, for the woman you are I admire you and for the intelligence you bring to gaming journalism I respect you.'

December 2011
Violence and Video Games

My first attempt at an opinion piece. I have to admit, I did almost no research, it's just off the bat, and therefor has a lot of logic loopholes in. At least I had some fun, and I got to share the best gaming quote of all times. 
If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.” Marcus Alexander Brigstocke

16Bit X-Mas Invitational

With this article, I covered the finals of the 16bittf X-Mas Cup. Giving a good write up of a match is not an easy task. You have to know the players and understand the game. It's also a great way to honor the players that made it to the finals of a tournament.

To the Moon

My first try at writing an opinion piece about a game. I loved and hated the experience. It's much easier to do interviews or write about tournament finals than it is to write about your personal experience with a game. In order to appreciate this game, the player needs to connect to it on an emotional level. This sets To the Moon apart as a unique game. Yolanda Green who did the editing on this, took one look at my first attempt and told me to "Go back you can do better." Only by digging inside of my myself were I able to express the raw, bare feelings that this game demands of its players.  It was worth the effort to wite about a million times over.

Except for a few more TF2 articles covering matches, this is all the writing I did in 2011. It started off as interviews for TF2CSA, but it ended in so much more. I'm not interested in writing tons of articles, each piece is a journey for me. I attempt to capture the essence of whatever and whomever it is I'm writing about. I think that I'm very selfish as I only write about that which draws me. If it will be read by millions or by one, it's all the same to me ;)

Friday, 17 February 2012

How it all started part 1

About a year ago the peeps at TF2CSA needed a writer, and since I cannot resist a challenge and has a palate that wants to taste new things, I decided to jump in. This journey has captured me so and enriched my life in countless ways.

Take a walk with me down memory lane as I share with you some of my thoughts about the extraordinary people I've met and the topics that tickled my fancy.

January 2011
Interview with Christopher 'Turkish' Smithard

I will always remember Chis as my 'first'. He was the first person I interviewed, my first attempt at writing, the gamer that introduced me to competitive online gaming and most important of all, my first online friend.

We formed the Team Fortress 2 clan 'Criminal Misfits'. We started off as the newbs, but ended up dominating the TF2 SA scene for a long time.

This interview covered some of the lessons we learned, our highs and lows, but most of all I will remember this interview for the relationships I formed. Some of it is still part of my life to this day.

February 2011
Interview with Yolanda 'Lolita' Green

This fascinating woman has so many facets to her personality, that I find I am at a loss for words when I want to try and capture her essence in a few sentences. I will let you reach your own conclusions about her, by directing you to her blog. The simplest approach for me is to recognise and respect her accomplishments in gaming, which is covered in this interview. I've known her for just over two years now, and in the words of 'Big Chris' from 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' "It's been emotional".

Interview with Steve 'Wonderer' Whitford

Since my interview with Steve, I've gotten to know him a lot better. We differ on a lot of things, but the fact that he and the team at do Gaming are a driving force for gaming in South Africa cannot be denied.

March 2011
"I am ze Ubermensch!" Medic Interview

Medic interview with Skiba, Seamonkey, Space and Beetle. This kicked off my TF2 class series interviews. I will remember this interview because of my passion for this class, medic4life. To date I've played 996 hours as a medic. The mental challenge and unique skillset this class brings to competitive TF2 makes it a neverending learning experience.

July 2011
What the Captains have to say

My TF2 clan captain interview with LeaRox, Surge, Xt3erminator and Heckers. I will remember this interview with a hint of sadness, clans in TF2 SA just don't last. I have a lot of respect for anyone that attempts to develop and manage a team of wild gamers.

How the pro's frag

TF2 soldier interview with Raliator, Skillbill, Semper and Kung Fu. I will remember this interview for 2 reasons. Firstly, Skillbill, I will always honour him for the role he played in TF2 SA, he helped me so much when I just started comp play, and many players can say this abt him...and that his voice pitches like a lil girl when he rages. Secondly 'Rali the diva', is it a solly thing? 

August 2011
The League of Extraordinary Gamers

My three part LXG interview with Lag_Beast, Bubbles, Kev, Russ, Roskii and RoBoHoBo. This was my favorite interview. I loved doing the research and covering topics not just TF2 related. I also have tremendous respect for these 6 gamers.

To conclude part 1 of 'Where it all began', I would like to thank the people who kickstarted me on this journey. Christian da Silva from TF2CSA for providing my first writing platform. Matthew Green who helped me with editing. Scott Hill for most of the artwork. Lastly, Yolanda Green for general ass kicking and inspiration to 'just go back and do better'.