Monday, 1 April 2013

Dec 2012 - March 2013

Being website manager for MWEB GameZone & Bravado Gaming means that I have a lot less time to focus on writing. When I do get the chance to write I mostly cover news, sad times indeed!

Here's a selection of a few of the more noteworthy articles from Dec 2012 to March 2013.

Exclusive: MWEB GameZone interviews SimCity Creative Director Ocean Quigley

I had the tremendous honour to interview Ocean Quigley, the Creative Director for SimCity. Quigley is a veteran in the video game industry; his knowledge, passion and experience is invaluable and demands respect from developers and gamers alike. Even if you are not a fan of the genre he specialises in, Life Simulation, you cannot help but be impressed with the creative processes and genius of his work. Join me for a walk through the mind of the creator of exceptional worlds. Read the full interview here.

Review: Dead Space 3, free falling through terror, together

It will be terror filled they said, you will need a partner they said. (Co-oping with Lola is a terror filled experience in itself. The 50 times she drove our Warthog of a cliff in Halo is a testament to that.) So in fearful anticipation for my review of Dead Space 3, I called on a friend to take down the terror together. I mean all dat hype! I was getting ready to have nightmares and suffer from temporary dementia during my review time in the game. I did not. Read the full review here.

A call to return to the dark ages and the burning of “all the things”

So disturbed kid goes on a shooting spree, automatically the people who claim to know how life works, turn to exterior influences as the culprits. You know, like religious leaders and such people have been doing for eons. In the dark middle ages, witches were burned at the stake. In the 50’s, with the rise of rock ‘n’ roll, records were quickly called out as the root of all evil. In this age of unprecedented advances in science, biology and just about everything, video games are being summoned to the stakes. Read my full rant here.

Take a peek into the deeply layered world of Fallen Enchantress

Fallen Enchantress is a game like no other: it requires a mind that feeds on intrigue, has an aptitude for strategic gameplay and the desire to explore mechanics and complexities. The game is far above my patience, intellect and adrenaline rush inclination so I have searched far and wide across the Internet in order to find a gamer who felt at home in the daunting world of Fallen Enchantress. Read the full interview here.

A slice of Indie life

I have the tremendous opportunity to be able to share in the birth of an Indie video game studio. To witness a birth is both a fearful and wonderful event. You get to experience the anticipation, the pain and the joy of the people involved. It is a rare honour. This is a story about passion, about daring to reach for your dreams and about how a simple idea combined with a bit of faith can turn the wheels of fate in your favour. Read the full interview here.

Remember Me – Living in an electronically manipulated world

Remember Me looks to be a game that will pierce gamers’ imagination by displaying a world that is futuristic, yet imaginable. A world where the most valuable commodity is thought, where privacy is not a right but an item on sale and where freedom is but an illusion. The game holds the promise of being not only a smashing first-person action game, but also a game that will lay bare the underbelly of the ‘connected age’, the age we are being hurdled at with an alarming speed. Read the full article here.

An interview with The Nutty Professor of Gaming

A while back I wrote an article, When science and gaming mesh the world becomes a better place. The article is about a new game in development by Broken Crown Games called Escaping Titan. It is a post-apocalyptic space fiction, single-player role-playing game…yeah, it’s all THAT. What makes Escaping Titan uncommon is the incorporation of science and the usage of input from various scientists into the core features of the game. To my utter delight, Tyler Yohe, CEO and Creative Director for Escaping Titan agreed to do an in depth interview about the game. Please keep in mind that I have an unhealthy fascination with both science and gaming, the interview is therefore lengthy, with stacks of science lingo. Read the full interview here.

Other noteworthy news

Special thanks to the people who took time from their extremely busy schedules to do an interview with me.