Monday, 4 June 2012

May 2012

Much to my surprise I won writer of the month for April with Bravado Gaming. The month of May almost completely consists of e-Sports coverage. I have to admit that having to produce articles on just this one aspect of gaming is not shaping my writing in the way I would prefer. I will have to deliberatly push myself to cover the aspects of gaming that I am actually passionate about.

Here's a snapshot of my writing for May.

Education meets gaming

Ben Bertoli is a 6th grade teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. His passion for gaming and teaching led to the creation of ClassRealm, a teaching method that relies on gamification to motivate learning. Children are shaped by the world around them. With ClassRealm, Bertoli has invented a teaching method that promotes intrinsic motivation (motivation that comes from within) by extrinsic motivation (motivation that is influenced by external factors, in this case, gamification). He pulled this off by drawing from his passion for gaming. He is an example of someone that desired a change and then he made it happen. Read all about this extraordinary young man and his adventures here.

Bird's eye view on e-Sports SA: LAN's

The LAN scene is like a “gamers-brawl”. We hook up to hang out with buddies, do some bonding and share e -love, but most of all we have fun and jam to our hearts content. There is a lot of potential in LAN’s to incorporate other aspects that can link to gaming, for example, OC that bring us Cosplay and other fun events. Organisers with rich imaginations and mind-sets that aren’t afraid to try new ventures head up the LAN’s. Read the rest of this article here.

ROCCAT and Bravado: Innovation & skill unleashed

ROCCAT is to gaming like Quicksilver is to surfing. Having gaming skill merge with optimized, top of the range gear is any gamers dream. The ROCCAT products aren’t good pc peripherals; they are products specifically designed to enable gamers to showcase their skills to the max. Your rig becomes an extension of your skills. Read more about the partnership between ROCCAT and Bravado Gaming here.

Bird's eye view on e-Sports SA: The rest

SA has a few small organisations that provide competitive play for specific games. The people who run these sites are fuelled by passion and a dedication to see their game of choice excel. The effort they put into the service they provide for their respective communities can only be labelled as a ‘labour of love’. We owe them much respect and gratitude. Here are a few words from them on why they’ve chosen to provide a platform for the specific game that they host competitions for.

Lastly we have the organisations, websites and individuals that provide other services to e-Sports in SA. They cover news, provide servers for competitions to run on or just a place where gamers can feel at home. Without their input, advice and passion for gaming, we would find our virtual worlds to be lacking. Here are a few words from them on what service they provide to make your gaming experience run smoothly.

The 3 musketeers of Bravado Gaming

We have a lot of very talented gamers in South Africa and a lot of people who are passionate about developing e-Sports, but just a handful of people who will stick together for however long it takes to see that dream realize.  Andreas ‘Cent’ Hadjipaschali, Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipaschali and Andrew ‘chaylek’ Cowley is the driving force behind Bravado Gaming – the most prestigious Multi Gaming Organization in South Africa. Join me for a peek into the minds and hearts of these three comrades in arms.

A driving force behind SA gaming

If I would ask our gamers if the name Lauren das Neves rings a bell most would probably say no. If I would, however, ask them if rAge and NAG do then almost everyone would give a definite “Yes!”  She is one of the puppet masters behind the biggest gaming event as well as the most successful gaming magazine in South Africa (SA). Join me for a first time exclusive interview with the woman who has been a driving force behind some of the key elements that have made gaming in South Africa what it is today.

This concludes May. A big thanks to all the people who took time of their busy schedules to do an interview with me. A special mention has to go to Ben B from ClassRealm because of the work he does in education. Please visit his website and spread the word about ClassRealm.